Araniello and Finch premier their performance ‘Screw the Taboo’. They adopt a deadpan approach in the execution of their performances and the material is twisted and subverted. Through Karaoke, Blow Me Down, Candy Crushing and Backward Bingo they see the faults and failures of innocence tempting and want to share their findings with the audience in a feeble attempt to screw the taboo.

The Chalkwell Ladies Drum ‘n’ Bass League is the female answer to male combos Gilbert and George, The Pet Shop Boys and Vic and Bob. A hit at the recent TEDx Hackney, The Ladies are back to stamp out the nonsense of youths taking over the media. Generation X watch out! Prepare to be blasted by the New/Old Age women who refuse to sit down and knit quietly. These gals have a new bit of technological knowledge and are making noisez! Mistakingly signing up to Drum ‘n’ Bass instead of Drawing classes at the local Adult Education Establishment, they are now top of the class! The Yard… RESPECT!