A film by Joel Cahen


"The Remote Island Tour - A Choreography by Daniel Vais"
United Kingdom. English. 52 mins. DVD. Documentary (+Road). April 2008 (Completed).
Road movie following an improvised tour of an Israeli dancer-choreographer through the Irish western islands.
The Remote Island Tour follows dancer choreographer Daniel Vais on an improvised tour of the islands off the West Coast of Ireland. Carrying only a backpack, and with a very limited budget, Daniel introduces contemporary dance in traditional locations and to unsuspecting audiences, creating a unique and personal experience in dance as an artistic and expressive forum, fusing and challenging traditional and modern dance practices.

Commencing the tour on the Skellig Islands off counties Kerry and Cork, The Remote Ireland Tour focuses on processes of social integration and embraces every aspect and movement in the tour, the travelling, the dance workshops, the efforts to get to know the community and the performances themselves.

The choreography of the dance is expanded to include the decisions and the route of the tour which are as improvised as are the dance performances. The movement referred to in the choreography is therefore the movement of the dancer throughout the west coast, drawing inspiration from the gorgeous environment, as well as the movement of his body at the various locations [indoor and outdoor], these two are intrinsically linked.

The film is a raw, funny, good natured, enticing, stylish and refreshing documentation of magical moments on a road trip through Ireland.